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According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Evernham’s net worth is million.In addition to owning the racing team, and being an analyst and consultant, Evernham was also a race driver, and it also improved his wealth.Ray was an owner of the “Evernham Motorsports” team from 2001 to 2010.Thanks to his involvement in racing, Evernham has significantly increased his net worth. Have you ever wondered how rich Ray Evernham is, as of mid-2016?Ray started his racing career when he was 26 years old, and also worked with the International Race of Champions as a chassis specialist.He had a terrible car crash accident at Flemington during 1993 season and his brain stem was badly damaged, which led to permanent problems with depth perception.However, in his career, he met with a very serious accident in 1993, which caused considered damage to his brain stem, but it didn't affect his brilliance.

Ten years later, Ray was offered the opportunity to team with, up and coming driver, Jeff Gordon of Hendrick Motorsports as a crew chief. During that time with Hendrick, he made a record of 47 wins in NASCAR including 2 Daytonas and 3 championships."What happened was a lot of the stuff that was written and said and reported probably had people form opinions that were necessarily not true. I felt we were very professional about everything we did and continue to be."But people are going to draw their opinions based on what the media reports.And that affects sponsorships and the perception of the quality of people you get to work on the car along with the quality of the sponsorship," he said.Instead, Wolfe will share the head table with Keselowski and talk from the champion crew chief’s perspective.Things might have gone in the other direction for Wolfe, a native of Milford, NY, who drove south in search of work on the NASCAR circuit and found himself in that most central of workplaces – behind the wheel of a race car.