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When recently questioned at LAX Airport about which artists he would like to collaborate with, Swae told TMZ, “I want to write for Adele, or with Adele. I know you’re on vacation.” Swae said he would take Malia to the Bahamas on their first date, where he would present her with a dinner date “200 feet in the air on a suspended table at a five-star restaurant.” He added that he would make sure to “pay his respects” to Barack and “do it like a gentleman.” “I might come with some flowers, you never know,” he shared.

I want to do some crazy s–t I never did before and break some boundaries, you know?

I want to do some crazy shit I never did before and break some boundaries, you know? When asked how he would approach her famous presidential father, Barack Obama, Lee said he would pay his respects and "do it like a gentleman," teasing, "I might come with some flowers, you never know." Watch the full interaction below.

Malia Obama is gaining celebrity street cred even faster now that she is no longer constrained by White House protocol.

Whether it’s deliberate or not, Malia is rapidly becoming a fashion diva just like her mom, Michelle Obama.

The former First Lady made her mark on manners of dress during her eight years as the wife of a President.

Despite having "No Type," Swae Lee has high aims when it comes to his dating prospects.

/ AFP / MANDEL NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 07: U. President Barack Obama walks with his daughter Malia toward Marine One while departing the White House April 7, 2016 in Washington, DC.

Paparazzi captured pictures of Malia sauntering towards the building at a quick pace.

In addition to her short dress — shredded on the ends — the eldest Obama daughter wore a purple hoodie that was pulled over her head, but not enough to reveal her blonde-tipped locks. Although some critics on social media took aim at Malia’s style of dress, sources say the entertainment firm allows casual clothing in the workplace.

1 single, "Black Beatles," inspired the Mannequin Challenge.

The reporter noted that the viral video concept even made it to the White House, as it was acted out in the presidential estate on two separate occasions, first by Michelle Obama and the Cavs and then by a massive group of celebrities at an awards banquet.