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In 2009, Thornton co-starred as Tawni Hart on the Disney Channel Original Series Sonny with a Chance and then went on to play a part in the Disney Channel Original Movie Hatching Pete.

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“A year since I heard his voice in person, since his parents hugged him, since I heard the news that collapsed me to the floor. And his friends.” Tiffany continues, “This pain of not having him near will always be with me.The former Disney Channel star announced her engagement to the pastor on Instagram.Thornton made her television acting debut in the pilot episode of the Fox sitcom, Quintuplets.A year since he asked his brother to go hunting with him or asked to golf on a beautiful day, a year since he kisses his boys goodnight and told them how blessed he was to be their daddy,” she writes. My heart is nowhere near ready to move on with my life and I’m ok with that.I am still madly in love with my imperfect soulmate and I have no idea how long that takes to change, but I can tell you nearly a year later that it hasn’t changed at all yet.” Read Tiffany‘s entire note on Instagram now and send her tons of love this week!