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Disgusted by the unconditional obedience demanded by the Catholic orphanage and drawn by the prospect of adventure, Rocker ran away from the orphanage twice.The first time he just wandered around in the woods around Mainz with occasional visits to the city to forage for food and was retrieved after three nights.

But bear in mind that seven of his eight marriages ended in divorce. In fact, not everyone puts physical looks ahead of other considerations.

Last week, I was pretty hard on Herman Cain and his response to allegations of sexual harassment.

Since then, two women have come forward publicly, and all I can do is quote from my partner John Doyle: somewhat flawed.

1877.) This Catholic Rocker's uncle and godfather Carl Rudolf Naumann, a long-time member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), became a substitute for his dead parents and a role model, who directed the boy's intellectual development. In October 1884, the Rocker household was joined by his mother's new husband Ludwig Baumgartner.

Rocker was disgusted by his schoolteacher's authoritarian methods, calling the man a "heartless despot". This marriage presented Rudolf with a half brother, Ernest Ludwig Heinrich Baumgartner, with whom Rocker did not maintain close contact.