Sex chat kiks

Within minutes of downloading Kik, a popular messaging app, 13-year-old Alicia started getting random texts from strangers wanting to know about her sexual fantasies.

"I'm 29 and I want to be your boyfriend," read one of the first messages appearing on the smartphone.

On a high percentage of instagram posts you see phrases such as, "Kik me at..." Therefore, if your instagram page is open or you've accepted hundreds of followers, they will now also know your user name on Kik.

It is a dangerous way to invite strangers into your life and there is no way for parents to monitor Kik messages or group chats.

Predators pose as teens and try to seduce kids into sharing nude "selfies".

Volumes of nudes and pornographic screen shots are being shuttled around on this app every minute.

Facebook and Google were both said to be trying to buy Whats App. China’s We Chat is becoming a threat to the country’s equivailent of Pay Pal.

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Having said that messaging is the killer app on mobile, it may sound like contradiction to say that messaging is also a commodity, but that, too, is true.

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All of the top 10 games in South Korea’s App Store have come via Kakao Talk.

Messaging, it is clear now, is the killer app on mobile.