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The reason I didn’t go all the way to 25 1/2" is because Hendrix and SRV were tuning guitars down to Eb or D because the strings were too tight when tuned to pitch.So it was an based decision, not a compromised guess.

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Thanks to all of your inquiries, we uncovered a few nuggets of the luthier’s personal and professional life that were previously kept under wraps. One door closes on a guitarist, the next opens for an award-winning guitar builder.

Further, as a long-time consumer and devoted player of the PRS line, I do believe there are some models that are ideal for certain styles and genres. To that end: These are my PRS picks for metal and hard rock. The Custom 24 is, perhaps, the quintessential choice for the modern, hard rock guitarist.

There's simply nothing to dislike about this instrument.

Paul Reed Smith guitars are great whatever musical style you play: from jazz to pop or Heavy Metal, PRS covers any style!

PRS guitars are also known for their stunning designs, always with unique tops and their famous, trademark birds inlay fingerboards.