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The molecular composition of the human telomerase enzyme complex was determined by Dr Scott Cohen and his team at the Children's Medical Research Institute (Sydney Australia) and consists of two molecules each of human telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT), telomerase RNA (TR or TERC), and dyskerin (DKC1).TERT polypeptide folds with (and carries) TERC, a non-coding RNA (451 nucleotides long).

The experimental results comply with the findings from previous studies regarding with the positive effect that shifting from self- to collaborative-mode has on the constructed CMs, but extends further the notion of the additional positive effect of the LMS Moodle use in the collaborative construction of the CMs, as expressed via more increased peers' turn-taking, balanced collaboration, and CM-enabled constructive, reflective and organizational interactions.

The effects of the combination of computer-based concept mapping with the Learning Management System (LMS) Moodle use for the construction the Concept Map (CM) in self- and collaborative-mode are explored here.

This approach builds upon the hybrid interconnection of blended (b-) and collaborative (c-) learning perspectives to form an extended teaching/learning environment.

Who is delegated discretion over ceremonial or dispositional arrangements in a declaration instrument. "Third party'' includes, but is not limited to, a funeral director, mortician, mortuary, crematorium, or cemetery. (c) A third party who reasonably relies on a declaration instrument shall not be civilly or criminally liable for the proper application of property delivered or surrendered to comply with the declarant's instructions in the declaration instrument. "Reasonable under the Circumstances'' may take into consideration factors such as a known prepaid funeral, burial, or cremation plan of the declarant, the size of the declarant's estate, cultural or family customs, the declarant's religious or spiritual beliefs, the known or reasonably ascertainable creditors of the declarant, and the declarant's financial situation prior to death.

(8) "Unreasonable'' means an act that is clearly unreasonable, pursuant to the definition of "reasonable under the circumstances'' under paragraph (6) of this section. (d) The directions of a declarant expressed in a declaration instrument shall be binding on all persons as if the declarant were alive and competent. 296, § 2.; § 265 Declaration of Disposition of Last Remains; form. I may revoke or amend this declaration in writing at any time.