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It’s an extra field to fill in therefore it takes extra time to complete sign up, so the more fields there are to complete the more I’ll think twice about signing up. you don’t see what you’re typing, which means you could easily make a mistake and submit the wrong password without knowing.

This is where the ‘Forget your password’ function comes in handy, which is an inconvenience but will have you up and running again with your old/new password in a couple of minutes.

step 4 Go “dating” When you feel the time is right, ask a woman you have built up a rapport and mutual interest with on a date in a public place.

These dates will be when you eventually get laid (hopefully) step 5 Earn your Casual Sex Club badge Do you have what it takes to earn your club badges?

The website may provide a few ways to confirm the account and, in the mean time, allow the "pending" user to use all of the website features, as a "service preview"; or it could limit the features scope. If the confirmation is not performed within a certain time range, the account is disabled somehow.

If you do want to allow for a "service preview", in free-sign up for users. You'll also need to copy the route changes and add the template as specified for For Rails 3 & Devise 1.2x, as well as any other parts of necessary code.

At sign up time, an activation/confirmation link is sent by e-mail to the newly registered user.I’d say if you have a FOOLPROOF password reset mechanism it’s ok, but remember users are always the weak link.Annoying and not needed if there’s decent ‘forgot your password’ functionality later in the game. either that or do what neilsen suggests and make password fields plain text… You see the char you typed for 1 sec then it disappears I despise them.Following the link leads to a page where the new user must pick a password to confirm the account.Here's how to add this functionality to your website, by overriding Devise's .