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Rachel’s biggest claim to fame of the moment, however, is founding the women focused online book club #WLClub. ) and keeps us both laughing and thinking, thanks to her non-stop tweets.She regularly manages to be both profound and hilarious.Kathryn lives in Tomales, California, and is also active with oil painting and surreal digital imagery. Instead I try to get her to ignore them and concentrate on my sense of humor.When entering your mid-twenties, changes will begin happening throughout your social circle at a rapid-fire pace.Careers will be established, moving trucks will be packed to set forth across the country, and friends will begin to take new last names.Instead, he critiques discourseas a cultural practice serving systems of power; in this sense he sees the poem as disobedient to that enterprise. The common facts right at our feet can be transformed through the words of the poem into magical or mythical or theological narratives: poem-stories structured by names of sites and people.Words do or don’t do the work of the poem—they are, as Jack Spicer said in his second letter to Lorca, “what we hold on with, nothing else.”The work of the poem, Mc Naughton writes, “is not in any sense a job for rhetoric, in order to gain efficacy of persuasion, to gain social affect i.e. Olson learned the possibilities for this kind of telling from Victor Bérard (among others), who had speculated that some myths in Homer’s were guided by Phoenician maritime logs, which named the islandoccupied by volcanoes they passed “the island of the one-eyes,” and which Homer transformed into the tale of Odysseus and the Cyclops.

Because he told me on our second date that he used to be a high level collegiate badminton player in India and almost went pro. And a friend of mine who has her own badminton net and no one to play with her always says she should go out with him so he will play badminton with her.

As Smith, who in turn studied with Mc Naughton at New College of California in San Francisco, writes: Clearly situated within the tradition of Modernism, and opposed to the total bullshit castration process encouraged by Postmodernism, Mc Naughton’s work achieves a testament of personal observation embedded in a trans-historical tendance of the imagination.

It is like Alice Notley said, words aren’t language—they never were.” Mc Naughton’s sense of what words do with them, is captured in Charles Olson’s description of the poet as an “archaeologist of morning.” At SUNY Buffalo in the 1970s, Mc Naughton became part of the lineage of poets who have “dug” Olson’s poetics, working with Olson’s colleague, the poet-scholar Jack Clarke after Olson’s death.

Today is International Women’s Day, and while we try to celebrate the important ladies who make our lives awesome every single day, we’re taking a few extra minutes today to give a hat tip to the women of the Internet who make our time online that much more enjoyable.

In no particular order, and certainly not a comprehensive list, here are some women of the Interwebz who wow us with their work and words every single day.