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Janet Damita Jo Jackson (born May 16, 1966) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actress.Known for sonically innovative, socially conscious, and sexually provocative records, elaborate stage shows, and high-profile television and film roles, she has been a prominent figure in popular culture for over 30 years.Her collaborations with record producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis incorporated elements of rhythm and blues, funk, disco, rap, and industrial beats, which led to crossover success in popular music.In 1991 Jackson signed the first of two record-breaking multimillion-dollar contracts with Virgin Records, establishing her as one of the highest paid artists in the industry.Founded as a private garden, the Mynelle Gardens later became a public property, covering 7 acres.It has several distinct gardens on its site, connected by pathways. The New Stage Theatre is a performing arts center that has the goal of providing professional theatre of the highest quality to residents and visitors.By the end of the 1990s, she was named by Billboard magazine as the second most successful recording artist of the decade.The release of her seventh studio album All for You (2001) coincided with a celebration of her impact on popular music as the inaugural MTV Icon.

Other activities include learning through games, skipping, hopping, walking on the balance beam with fun and familiar songs. From an early age, our students are able to grasp the value of being a responsible and respectful member of society, someone who is accountable, is able to get along with others, has a disciplined work ethic, a refined etiquette, a graceful attitude and a confident demeanor.Many of the values young students learn as part of our thoughtfully crafted arts program are character traits needed for a successful and satisfying life.As educators, we believe these lessons are just as important as the arts education we provide, and we develop our programs with this in mind.Fees for dance classes for the 2017-18 season (classes from August to June) are based on a sliding fee income scale and are - per month.